Art & MUsic Programs at
Cascade Christian High School


Art & music is a life saver, supporter, friend and future developer


Art Program

With only one room available for art classes, limitations on artistic mediums, small staff size and more, CCHS's ability to educate their students in art is difficult. Their art teacher, Tami Fauth is invested in the students' future and is dreaming into developing their Art program – which includes a recently added pottery kiln.

Music Program

Home of a terrific band room with percussion instruments, small practice rooms, recording equipment, and a plethora of Band Awards, CCHS's Music program is a thriving opportunity for students to discover their creativity through music. CCHS has plans to grow their Choir and provide their students more opportunity for musical expression and performance.


MEDFORD ON THE RISE - City Revitalization

A small grass-roots startup of individuals looking to help Medford reach the potential that has always existed

Collaboration - Stronger Network

Through creating a network with a diverse range of credible, honest, hardworking businesses - together ethical business can shape our culture, city, economy and future. Medford does not need to be a "gun slinger - everyone for their own" city any longer, we can offer support to one another and through fostering these relationships we can see a healthier culture develop in our town.

Sustainable Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Generating more businesses, jobs and income is a good thing, but when done from the inside verses pulling in other cities and people; we can sustain our momentum in spurring on greater livelihoods for our people. Social Entrepreneurship is encouraged and developing through these initiatives through incubators, city meetings and networking within our city. Let's be Medford well.