Mend Medford

"I see a city where businesses collaborate instead of compete, communities and people groups help one another instead of promote their own agenda, organizations and non-profits champion one another instead of vying for capital, and citizens care for their neighbors instead of complain to their city."

Fulfilling Orders and Beginning a Movement

Today marks the day for On The Rise Box to truly becoming a reality. As I got to hand 13 boxes to our subscribers full of amazing products provided by local Medford businesses, I was blown away by the gratefulness, enthusiasm, and excitement for On The Rise Box. At it's core OTRB is a movement where we shift how our society consumes and spends money, to be more locally focussed. When we look at making a difference and helpful impact in our society, it often begins with where we put our vote, support, and money. So, if we want a better community, city, and culture; we have to look at what exists that is truly our community, city, etc. and one of the best places we can put our attention is on our local businesses.

Now On The Rise Box has the opportunity to highlight and promote some of the best local businesses that exist in Medford and we couldn't be more proud to feature them in our box. We hope our subscribers and observers feel the weight and significance of what we are attempting to do. So here's to small beginnings and big impact!

Collaboration Creates Connection Causing Courage


It takes accessing Courage to launch a business. Risk to take the necessary steps to grow an idea to be powerful and successful. This is why collaboration and the power of community has the ability to launch people, ideas, businesses, and dreams further than they could go on their own. When connection is made, collaboration can exist, and the courage to change the world will inevitably lead to it happening.

Medford is a city that is envisioning redevelopment for greater things. It is lead by individuals, council members, businesses, building owners, and organizations, who are tapping into the strengths Collaboration has to offer. I believe we are in a very important time in the history and trajectory for our town, and businesses must continue to create and foster greater connections if we want to reach the potential we all know exists here and help build a better world.

Today is a beginning for many...

As I sit here remembering the hours I've put into creating On The Rise Box, the pitch I gave in college, the help I've received from my community, and the many conversations I've had with twenty+ businesses; I know today is not just a beginning for On The Rise Box, but it is the launch and birth for more inspiration and creative endeavors to come to Medford.

I attended a meeting a month ago in Ashland, Oregon where an economic developer, who assisted in Bend's economic growth, spoke about how to create "Economic Ecosystems" and that being the key for city prosperity. During the presentation, there was a question that was asked, which made me jump from my seated chair (unable to contain myself), that stumped the wise fellow, as it addressed the problems, pain, and heartache that Bend now faces because of their growth. The question was ultimately: "Yeah economic growth is good, but how can we grow where it doesn't cause people to be pushed out of their own city, or create mass issues with housing, or cause damage to the infrastructure of the city?" To this, the economist simply confessed that he did not know how to do it, yet reaffirmed that creating an Economic Ecosystem is great!

I don't confess to having it all figured out, and that is why I constantly affirm and appreciate my community; but I believe that for us to grow and build-up as a town, we must first create strength within our own existing town. If we grow and Medford becomes more attractive, more people will move here, which increases the size and diversity of our working, skilled, knowledgable, passion, creative, and serving pools. This is good for a town and is a byproduct of growth, but to minimize gentrification, people being pushed out, housing market issues, low job opportunities, and lack of access to income, we must acknowledge who is here, what is here, and why we are here; and then accept it, affirm it, appreciate it, strengthen it, empower it, and create the foundation for what we can build a thriving city upon.

This is what I feel exists behind On The Rise Box; the opportunity to foster and support the development of a strong network within our town. This is why I hope that tonight is just the launch of another business in Medford, but the tidal wave of inspiration for our residents to engage the changing of the culture of our city and see it reach the potential we all know exists here!

July 14th Launch Date Planned!

Beyond the glamor and mysterious excitement behind starting your own business, there is a reality every entrepreneur must face, which you can be aware of, but no matter what precautions you take or how much education you have; you still get slapped in the face with... Call them unseen boundaries, hick-ups, chinks, hurdles, or obstacles, but really all I'm talking about are problems that are unavoidable and unknowable.

The issues absorb time like Flubber. For instance, you'll sitting down with your coffee to answer a few emails and work on a few of these "issues", when all the sudden you look up at the top of the screen and see right next to your %5 battery icon the time reading 4:16 PM!

Or... you run into the problem where only 1% of all the emails you personally send out are being replied to, and then you finally hear back from someone and they tell you, "Hey, sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, but I couldn't find your email because it was in my SPAM FOLDER!!" Are you kidding me Gmail???

But good news! On The Rise Box is coming and it is strong and it is able. July 14th at 360 E. Jackson St. in downtown Medford from 7-9 we will be hosting our Launch Party! We are rounding up some awesome Food Trucks, some of which are going to be Featured in our Spring Box, and we'll have live music and a presentation of On The Rise Box, and what it is exactly.

While this has been a journey, trial, and battle at times, the joy of starting this benefit business makes it all worth it!

From College Pitch to Medford Business

In my senior year at Warner Pacific College, studying Social Entrepreneurship, I participated in a business pitch competition, where I took second place. My school was fortunate enough to reward first, second, and third place with some start up money.

Although my business plan, marketing plan, executive plan, and pitch presentation I made for the project was for school, I worked extremely hard to do it with depth, quality, and seriousness. I took it to multiple business professionals to get feedback and input - sometimes nearly scrapping the whole thing. Through the fire emerged a business idea I called - The Local. The greater plan of The Local was pretty extensive and after completing my major, I took one component of the business, simplified it and created On The Rise Box - The Subscription Box for Medford Local Businesses.

I'm grateful to be walking in the momentum my professors and mentors gave me, and excited for finishing the back work of On The Rise Box so that it can be all I believe it will be.

End of December - Beginnings of On The Rise Box

Since my graduation of college at Warner Pacific College and recent return to Medford Oregon, doors have been opening before like never before. Each day it seems that I am apart of something that is much bigger than me and requires more of me than I myself am capable of. However, as the ball continues to roll I am meeting more and more people who believe in the vision of On The Rise Box and want to contribute to it. This is truly a collaborative business aimed towards helping our city through creating a strong network of businesses who desire sustainable and healthy growth of our city. Although I meet passionate people who care about Medford, I also meet just as many hurting people with a bad taste in their mouth for Medford. 

I do want to rewrite the narrative of what it means to be a resident of Medford. We are NOT Meth-ford any longer and we are not going back. We don't want growth for the sake of growth or more money. We want Medford to prosper because we see how a strong economy results in developing a strong community which creates an even stronger education system, food culture, government structure and more.

Yes, I sit here working on developing a website, building back work of a business, and researching marketing avenues; but ultimately I am participating in much more and I am passionate for my city.