End of December - Beginnings of On The Rise Box

Since my graduation of college at Warner Pacific College and recent return to Medford Oregon, doors have been opening before like never before. Each day it seems that I am apart of something that is much bigger than me and requires more of me than I myself am capable of. However, as the ball continues to roll I am meeting more and more people who believe in the vision of On The Rise Box and want to contribute to it. This is truly a collaborative business aimed towards helping our city through creating a strong network of businesses who desire sustainable and healthy growth of our city. Although I meet passionate people who care about Medford, I also meet just as many hurting people with a bad taste in their mouth for Medford. 

I do want to rewrite the narrative of what it means to be a resident of Medford. We are NOT Meth-ford any longer and we are not going back. We don't want growth for the sake of growth or more money. We want Medford to prosper because we see how a strong economy results in developing a strong community which creates an even stronger education system, food culture, government structure and more.

Yes, I sit here working on developing a website, building back work of a business, and researching marketing avenues; but ultimately I am participating in much more and I am passionate for my city.