July 14th Launch Date Planned!

Beyond the glamor and mysterious excitement behind starting your own business, there is a reality every entrepreneur must face, which you can be aware of, but no matter what precautions you take or how much education you have; you still get slapped in the face with... Call them unseen boundaries, hick-ups, chinks, hurdles, or obstacles, but really all I'm talking about are problems that are unavoidable and unknowable.

The issues absorb time like Flubber. For instance, you'll sitting down with your coffee to answer a few emails and work on a few of these "issues", when all the sudden you look up at the top of the screen and see right next to your %5 battery icon the time reading 4:16 PM!

Or... you run into the problem where only 1% of all the emails you personally send out are being replied to, and then you finally hear back from someone and they tell you, "Hey, sorry I didn't get back to you sooner, but I couldn't find your email because it was in my SPAM FOLDER!!" Are you kidding me Gmail???

But good news! On The Rise Box is coming and it is strong and it is able. July 14th at 360 E. Jackson St. in downtown Medford from 7-9 we will be hosting our Launch Party! We are rounding up some awesome Food Trucks, some of which are going to be Featured in our Spring Box, and we'll have live music and a presentation of On The Rise Box, and what it is exactly.

While this has been a journey, trial, and battle at times, the joy of starting this benefit business makes it all worth it!