Fulfilling Orders and Beginning a Movement

Today marks the day for On The Rise Box to truly becoming a reality. As I got to hand 13 boxes to our subscribers full of amazing products provided by local Medford businesses, I was blown away by the gratefulness, enthusiasm, and excitement for On The Rise Box. At it's core OTRB is a movement where we shift how our society consumes and spends money, to be more locally focussed. When we look at making a difference and helpful impact in our society, it often begins with where we put our vote, support, and money. So, if we want a better community, city, and culture; we have to look at what exists that is truly our community, city, etc. and one of the best places we can put our attention is on our local businesses.

Now On The Rise Box has the opportunity to highlight and promote some of the best local businesses that exist in Medford and we couldn't be more proud to feature them in our box. We hope our subscribers and observers feel the weight and significance of what we are attempting to do. So here's to small beginnings and big impact!