From Citizen to City

When you look at industry trends, city economics, product life cycles, and other macro systems of society, it all starts with and reflects the individual and studying how people are. It is true that where you put your money, is where you put your vote and support. It is the people that make a city what it is. It is the citizen of a community who contributes and helps define that city. It is important for us to realize our impact in society and know that how we live determines the condition of what we live in.

Bento C. Leal III talks in his book, 4 Essential Keys to Effective Communication, about how "We can't control the world around us, but we can control our reactions [choices] to it." Leal goes on to explain that when we give attention and focus to something, it expands it and gives it greater significance to our lives. With this in mind, ask yourself what do you give focus and attention to and enable to grow in your life and community? This is important because when we look at the condition of what Medford is, do we put our focus on and give growth to what is positive, quality, and beneficial; or do we spend more time and give more attention to the disconnecting, negative, problematic, and unproductive.

Now to bring these two ideas together, we have to make the connection that how we live our lives, how we spend our money, what we spend time talking about, and how we think affects our lives and defines our lives, which directly influences our city. A citizens who is responsibly engaged in his work-life, while being caring for his home-life and friends, and making positive decisions about his spending that supports his community, will develop a healthier personal life while directly affecting and expanding a better city.

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