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What is On THe Rise Box?

We began with the idea of offering a season subscription box - On The Rise Box - where we gather together delicious foods and drinks, quality products, unique discounts and special offers, all from local Medford businesses. We bring all of these amazing local goods together in a box, valued over $100 each, and sell the boxes to residents in the area, with the goal of supporting and promoting local businesses and shifting consumer spending to be more locally focussed. As a creative social entrepreneurship ourselves, we believe that in order to see change happen in our city now, we must invest in the future ahead, this is why we support creativity and give 10% of our profits to Art & Music Programs at Medford schools. With a hope in mind to strengthen our city, we also contribute an additional 10% of our profit towards our own grassroots economic development & revitalization group - Medford On The Rise.


how did on the rise box start?

From college project, to 2nd Place in an Entrepreneurial Pitch, On The Rise Box has received great support and quickly gained the backing of several businesses in Medford. It is our mission to run a thriving business that focusses on supporting our local community while strengthening our city and generating economic development.


what is local Economic Development? 

When a citizen has the ability to make healthy financial decisions, they make an empowered spending choice. When a society has citizens making empowered spending choices, they can effectively support the needs of the city. When a city is well supported, it become a terrific place to live. This is the cycle of economic development and it begins at a macro-level where citizens participate in their local markets, making intentional decisions to vote with their money and support their local community.

This is at the heart of why On The Rise Box does what it does. Through promoting local business and helping shift consumer spending to be more locally focussed, we can see a huge improvement in the livelihoods of all Medford's citizens.

Why does on the rise box support art & music?

It is about believing and investing in the future, so that what we do now has an impact for generations to come. Creativity is key in entrepreneurship, critical thinking, problem solving, and development. If we want to see Medford develop into an amazing town, we need to be investing in the future and that starts with providing opportunities for children to grow into outstanding, powerful adults, by sowing NOW into the development of their creativity!